Black & White Portraits

Entry No 21

I never used to like black & white images. However, like many things, my taste & interests have changed as well as continued to surprise me.

Today, I love black & white photography & I don't shoot with that monochromatic concept in mind enough. I feel like I need to practice more patience when it comes to shooting photos as well as waiting for the right image to come along.

More so than ever, I always feel rushed, rushed to post, rush to press 'shutter' rushed to edit images. Rushed. I feel like when an image that captures a moment-in-time, a genuine expression, or something pure that's a classic black & white image. You can't rush that, but have to be ready & on the lookout for that specific moment.

Because when that moment does happen, & you capture it with your camera, it will forever be documented as a timeless image. After all, that's a core value of black & white photography, it's timeless.

In a post dedicated to Black & White Photography, photographer, KT Merry wrote, "But there’s an ethereal quality to black and white photography that continues calling me back. Instead of seeing color, you see into the minds and hearts of the subjects."

Continuing, "Instead of seeing familiar shapes and objects, you’re transported by new forms and perspectives, beaconing you to another glance."

While I continue to practice patients with photography as well as black & white photography, enjoy these black & white photos taken in the fall of 2021.

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