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Patriotic Photos

Patriotic Photos

Entry No. 55

In lieu of America's Birthday, July 4th, I wanted to curate a photo gallery of Americana/patriotic photos I have taken over the years.

While today, more than ever, I feel like our country is still very much broken---only held together by a wearing bandage.

It's easy to not watch the news in order to turn a blind eye to our problems. However, if we just start by mending our daily interactions with each other & take small-civilized steps further, maybe we can regain our patriotic spirit by coming together again--instead of blowing each other apart {literally & figuratively}.

While there are many days when my American spirit feels tarnished, when I take to the streets, I am still inspired by that 'Americana' aesthetic. It's the simple things really--a cute diner, someone sharing an ice cream cone, a classic car, or the way the light hits a building.

Maybe it's the simple things we need to get back to in order to find our new way in today's America.

Have a safe & Happy July 4th & may you find some inspiration here for your summer adventures.

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Fireball Motors

American Flag Wood Sign

Old Chevy Truck

Old Chevy Pick Up Truck

Firestone Farms

Firestone Farms, Columbiana, Ohio

guy riding a bike

Street Photography

Salem, Ohio

Salem, Ohio

American Flag

American Flag

Salem Super Cruise

Tattooed Couple

Cherry Pie

Americana Photos

Americana Photos

Fourth of July Photo Inspiration

Ticket Booth

Canfield Fair, Ohio