August 2, 2022

My No. 1 Camera Accessory

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My No.1 Camera Accessory

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My No.1 camera accessory is the least expensive purchase out of your camera gear. However, without it, it might be the most costly repair you'll have to make when it comes to your camera.

LCD camera screen protectors are probably the least exciting camera topic to discuss. However, applying a screen protector to your camera's LCD screen is probably one of the most important things to do.

I always apply my screen protector to my camera upon first-time use.

Here, peace of mind is applied. On my Sony 6000, the screen cracked, but all I had to do was replace my screen protector. Can you imagine if that shield wasn't on it?

Aside from peace of mind, applying a screen protector to your camera is owning your investment. Face it, cameras are not cheap. If you take care of your camera body & opt to trade-in or re-sale your gear at a later point, you'll get more for your trade if the camera body is in great shape.

Mostly, I buy my camera LCD shields from Amazon. However, for the Leica X with a screen size of 2.7 inches, I purchased this one for under $5.00 from B&H Photo Video.

As mundane as the topic is, screen protectors shouldn't be the last thought, but a secondary purchase after your camera has been bought.

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