April 5, 2023

Photographing the Zoo: Tamron 70-300mm

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Photographing the Zoo: Tamron 70-300mm

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I will be the first to admit, I live in a bit of a bubble. Truthfully, I blame the COVID-Pandemic for inflating the bubble. Naturally, I come & go, but the activity never travels out or far from the bubble.

Of course, this is something that I am working on changing. Before the pandemic, I was traveling on fun trips, to exciting places with my small camera. While I feel that during the Pandemic, my photography has improved and my photography interest has expanded, my desire to leave my safe bubble has gotten stronger & stronger too.

I bring this up, as maybe others feel the same way I felt before going to the Zoo. I was a little anxious about being out in public around the possibility of a large crowd. Once I got there, my nerves subsided {It was winter, so there were smaller crowds} but the anxiousness leading up to the destination is a feeling I think many can relate to.

Zoo trip aside, what made me think of this was listening to the press tour with Euguene Levy about his new Apple TV show, The Reluctant Traveller. Sometimes, half of the traveling battle is getting enough near to get to/pack for your destination.

Luckily, I feel pretty safe & at home when holding my camera which was a nice distraction for my nerves.

To the Akron Zoo, I took my Sony a7c & my Tamron 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3. I purchased this lens right before the holidays from MPB.com. Aside from the smaller aperture, I am impressed with the image quality of this lens. It made for some candid as well as up-close-& personal animal photos at the zoo.

I had a Urth CPL lens polarizer on too.

I was anticipating photographing the flamingos, but the images of the penguins as well as the red wolves in a bit of a squabble were also unexpectedly fun captures.

Enjoy these photos taken at the Akron Zoo. Remember, stepping out of your comfort zone, especially with photography can be very rewarding. Just remember to be safe while doing so.

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Pink Flamingos

Akron Zoo

black alpaca




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Red Wolves

Red Wolves

Zoo's Land Rover

Land Rover Sterring Wheel
sleeping red panda in a tree

Sleeping Red Panda

Akron Zoo Lion

Akron Zoo

Land Rover

Zoo Photography

penguins swimming

Animal Photography

swimming penguin

Penguins Swimming

Tamron 70-300mm for Sony E-Mount Cameras

Tamron 70-300mm for Sony E-Mount Cameras