Summer Lifestyle Editorial

Sun kissed skin, burnt marshmallows sandwiched between two graham crackers & a slice of chocolate, fireflies twinkling out back, & busy hands prepping the next day's pool bag for another sun-filled day ahead. That's what summer is all about. The season is easy, it's slow living at its finest, & the summertime light is gloriously golden.

Summer is indeed a golden time of year to document special memories to savor as one would do with a gooey S'more the rest of the year.

Katelyn's lifestyle photography approach encompasses capturing the beauty of every day. Whether these are photos of your products, establishment, event, visually enticing food & drink photos, or simple moments that spark joy, let's document it!

The beauty of lifestyle photography is that it’s subjective. Memories, as well as special moments, can be made just about anywhere.