Frequently Asked Questions

Work with Katelyn

Releasing the burden of entrepreneurs attempting content creation will promote business growth as the focus shifts toward other things. Allow Katelyn to present your vision in a professional & creative way.

Katelyn Chef, lifestyle photographer

How Long Will It Take to Receive Edited Photos?

Clients can expect their photos to be delivered virtually up to one week after the client session or up to a week & 1/2 after receiving the product.

Katelyn Chef, lifestyle photographer in Ohio

How Will I Receive My Photos?

Clients receive photos via a digital custom gallery with a unique pin to download & save photos. Clients can download images on any smartphone, tablet, or computer & should save them to a separate folder or external hard drive.

Clients may print photos at any vendor.

Clients have the choice of paying in full before the shoot or 24 hours after receiving the gallery. Upon receiving payment, the download pin will be released.

Senior portrait photographer, Katelyn Chef, Youngstown, Ohio.

How Do I Pay?

Payments are accepted via cash or PayPal Goods & Services.

*A service fee of 2.89% will be applied to clients' invoices using PayPal Goods & Service to pay.

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