Why Invest in Hiring a Writer?

Working exclusively with one trusted writer, you’re creating an ongoing magazine of timeless content centered around your brand.

Here, your objective will live on & on. Investing in a writer for your business will catapult your success & growth as an entrepreneur. Are you ready to create something magical? Let us get in touch!!

Writing Prices

  • Blogs $250 per 500 words 
  • Features/Longform Articles $500 per 1k words

Katelyn Chef, freelance writer


Why Outsource Your Content Creation?

Let’s face it, writing isn’t everyone’s jam! The same goes for photography–it’s not for everyone. That’s okay to admit. No one has to be good at everything. 

Small businesses & entrepreneurs have enough on their plate. Outsourcing content creation will alleviate that stress. Not to mention, your products will be consistently out in front of existing {& new} customers in a professional, cohesive, & engaging manner.