Lifestyle Product Photography Investment

Katelyn presents each client with their own virtual gallery of photographs based on the chosen package. Each virtual gallery comes with a custom download pin, which gives clients access to their images. Below, see Katelyn's Product Photography Packages. Don't see something that you're looking for? Contact Katelyn to curate a package that works for you.

Lifestyle Product Photography Prices

Standard Product Plus Plus

Hardscoop Ice Cream

Standard Product Plus Plus

30 Naturally edited photos. The photos are delivered in a custom virtual client gallery with a download pin to access photos.


Standard Product Plus

Lively Root

Standard Product Plus

20 Naturally edited portrait photos. These photos are delivered in a custom client virtual gallery with a download pin to access photos.


Standard Product

Katelyn Chef, product photographer

Standard Product

10 Naturally edited product photos. The photos are delivered in a virtual client gallery with a custom download pin to access photos.



After consulting with Katelyn & confirming your photography date, you're halfway to having a beautiful gallery of images in your back pocket. Upon date confirmation, the payment is due via PayPal Goods & Services, with the PayPal service fee factored into the invoice total.

All photo bookings are non-refundable.

This will be a timeless investment with content you'll use & cherish forever.

Questions, contact Katelyn.

Product Return

Clients who opt for product return after the content curation is completed, note, there is a $100 upcharge applied to the selected package.

Kept products are either carried over into the client's next photoshoot or donated to a designated charity & or shelter.

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Client Testimonials

Sailor Sailor

We have enjoyed the collaborations that we have shared with Katelyn Chef and her blog, The Yellow Spectacles. Her amazing talent for combining her creative talents with amazing photos of her wearing a Sailor-Sailor dress makes us proud of her representing our brand. Kimberly & Kim, Co-Founders, Sailor-Sailor