Spring Lifestyle Editorial Photography

Everything eventually leads back to spring. Documenting people, places, feelings, notions, as well as year round moments, I like to separate imagery seasonally. After all, spring is where everything finds new meaning, new beauty, & fresh beginnings.

Springtime blooms with creative opportunities to capture moments, curate campaigns, as well as timestamp little moments to press & preserve for an eternity.

Katelyn's lifestyle photography approach encompasses capturing the beauty of everyday. Whether these are photos of your business, establishment, event, visually enticing food & drink photos, or simple moments that spark joy, lets document it! 

The beauty of lifestyle photography is that it’s subjective. Memories, as well as special moments, can be made just about anywhere. 

purple lliacs
cherry blossoms
Katelyn Chef, Youngstown, Ohio, Photography
vintage barbie
senior female portrait
pink peony
Woman in jean dress
vintage barbie
coastal bathroom shelf