July 19, 2022

Client Gallery: Hardscoop Ice Cream

Client Gallery

Client Gallery: Hardscoop

Entry No. 35

Hello! I am back with round two of the product meets lifestyle images for Hardscoop ice cream. By now, I hope you're coasting through spring ready to splash right into summer. Is there a better kick-off for warmer weather other than a scoop of ice cream or cold fruit sorbet?

If you haven't heard nor tasted it, Hardscoop is a 'flavor-packed, boozy backed alcoholic ice cream. The flavors are endless. Everything from Carolina Peach to Madagascar Vanilla is on the shelf to try.

You'll recall, that my first set of lifestyle images for the brand was shared in this Journal Entry. For this spring feature set, the brand requested spring-like images that were fun, whimsical yet true to life.

If you're seeking lifestyle meets product photography for your product, here is a good example of how I work as a photographer as well as the overall outcome of the project that you can expect as a client of mine.

Looking to connect further, I would love for you to get into contact with me here!

In the meantime, enjoy the photos below. If you want ice cream afterward, I don't blame you!

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Hardscoop Ice cream

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Christina Rosetti

"Spring is when life's alive in everything."