May 4, 2021

A Closer Look at Close Up Filters

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A Closer Look at Close Up Filter

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When it comes to {what I call} 'camera jargon' I do get confused at times & I think that's fair to say. After all, there is so much camera lingo & terminology to know. Camera bodies, lenses, filters...

We all know how amazing macro lenses can be for tight/up-close shots & even unique portrait shots. However, not everyone owns a macro lens or maybe not everyone has a macro lens in their camera bag when the time comes.

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I first learned about Close-Up filters from watching Joy Michelle Photography channel on YouTube {highly recommend it if you're a freelance/self-employed photographer} & was like, wow, this exists?!

We have all heard of ND filters as well as Polarizers & UV Filters, but I wasn't aware of Close-Up Filters.

Essentially, Close-Up Filters allow you to experience what it's like using a macro lens, but by screwing on the different strength filter onto your camera lens. In Joy Michelle's video, she has the Hoya Close-Up Filters. Hoya happens to be the brand of filters I use on my lenses, however, I ended up buying a pack from Amazon that is Kodak.

While I was skeptical as the pack was under $30.00, the Kodak Close-Up Filters got good reviews on Amazon & I went for it.

So far, I am impressed. The pack of camera filters came in a set of Four {1,2,4,&10}. The Close-Up Filters also came with a carrying case, storage tin, & cloth to clean the filters along with a booklet on filters.

Using the Close-Up Filters, I was able to get sharp crisp flay-lay-styled images. The No.10 filter however on my 35mm lens was too strong to get focus on my flat lay images. However, I am going to try it with a portrait shoot & see if that changes.

While I have yet to own a macro lens, I think this is a great set to keep in my camera bag as it gives me the ability to get the 'feel' of using a macro lens which is great & a great way to diversify any portfolio.

I have included some of the images that I took with the Close-Up Kodak Filters. My favorites were the 2 & 4 filters.

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