January 25, 2021

Call of the Wild: A Chat with Nature Photographer Gavin Call

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Nature Photographer Gavin Call

Entry No. 1

Scrolling through Instagram, sometimes mindlessly, there is never a shortage of images showcasing caressingly flowing water, rolling coastlines, fields that are as green as the day is long, & animals candidly captured in their natural elements.

However, what is unique to Instagram is the creatives & photographers that put their own unique spin on what they post.

Meet Gavin Call, a 20-year old nature {& wedding} photographer who has been obsessed with his camera since the age of 12. Gavin told The Yellow Chronicles,

" My mom gave me a little point and shoot camera for my birthday and I have been obsessed with photography ever since."

Gavin works as a wedding photographer, but his Instagram is blushing with the beauty of nature. As the seasons change, so does Gavin's 'Gram showcasing the beauty of Mother Nature as she changes from Winter to Spring & from Summer to Autumn.

Gavin was kind enough to give his professional insight on what it is like to be a nature photographer as well as tips to bettering your wildlife photography skills.

Here is a Candid Conversation with Photographer Gavin Call

1. On social media, you share epic landscape & nature photos, has that always been your niche? 

Gavin: My passion is with shooting landscapes and wildlife photography. It’s been that way for long as I can remember. 

2. What body of camera do you use? & What is your favorite/most used lens? 

Gavin: The main gear I use is the canon 5dmk4 (body) and the 70-200 f2.8 or the 24-70 f2.8. It’s important to have a focal range where you can capture wide and tight. These are two lenses I keep on me 24/7.

3. For those wanting to get into nature photography, do you have any tips for them? 

Gavin: My biggest tips for nature photography is patience and observation. Take your time and really look for the details in your surroundings as well. I say patience because the weather can change in an instant or some wildlife could come by. I say observation because you need to look for the details of the landscape, there could be a birch tree that stands out amongst the pine trees that looks nice. 

4. Your account is aspiring to many, but are there any Instagram accounts/photographers that you admire/always double-tap?  

Gavin: There is one photographer I have learned lots from really enjoy to engage with on Instagram. His name is Jared Polin and he’s always been there to answer any questions I may have on photography, even the business end. 

One more would have to be Charles Cormier a local photographer. I have been a fan of his work for a while and we have grown from each other’s work, occasionally shooting together. 

5. Can you finish this sentence? Photography is__ 

Gavin: Everything to me personally. It’s a way to express how I feel through the composition and edit of the photo. Photography is a powerful thing it allows you to capture a moment in time and preserve that moment and the memories within it. So some use photography to tell stories or get a point across.


For more of Gavin's work, visit his website & follow him on Instagram. Nature & wildlife photos in this post were provided by Gavin Call.

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