October 4, 2022

It's Fall! Fall Photo Preview


It's Fall! 2022 Fall Photo Preview

Entry No. 42

"Another fall, another page turned." --Wallace Stenger.

When the season change, it really does feel like one is turning a page. Maybe it's the last page of an old book or a continuation of an unfinished story.

The good thing about photography is that the storytelling is entirely up to you, the photographer.

Maybe you're using the arrival of a new season to begin a new photography project or continue on a path that you're already on. No matter the season, each offers unique inspiration for more & more stories.

Thankfully, I use each season to improve my photography. Below are fall photos of the seasons last. I hope this autumn brings more opportunities to not only get better at photography & to tell more stories.

Happy Trails!

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fall photos


fall foliage

Fall Photography

fall foliage in Ohio

Fall in Northeast Ohio