September 13, 2021

Client Gallery: Laura Ashley

Client Gallery

Client Gallery: Laura Ashley

Entry No. 15

Summer is all about candid moments, as quietly made as they are captured. Summer is blissful. Summer is simple. Summer is breezy. Summer is about living in the moment.

Living in the moment is the theme I had in mind when photographing lifestyle & product photography for the classic shabby chic brand, Laura Ashley.

In August, Laura Ashley asked me to do some of their product photography for their Amazon storefront.

The brand's deliverables were the following:

  • Picture Frame Product Photography
  • Rainboots/Umbrella Product Photography
  • Slippers Product Photography
  • Girls' Underwear/Bras Product Photography
  • Watch Product Photography

The brand was kind enough to also provide tops for Jenna, the model to wear.

The Photography Process

These photos, the outdoor sets, were capture at high-noon on a sunny summer day in a park. Since the brand has that classic, simple meets countryside shabby chic aesthetic, I wanted to shoot in a background that represented that.

I photographed Jenna near a few shabby chic sheds, one had ivy going up the top, the other had that old Magonila home feel.

We also took some photos near an old outdoor water faucet. I always love photographing beautiful things around old-maybe less beautiful things, as I feel the contrast just works. This is a photography style I find myself doing often--finding the beauty in the maybe not so 'typical' beautiful.

As for the product shots featuring the frames, underwear, & slippers, I did those with my Replica Surface boards--which are amazing if you're a photographer.

Here, I keep the aesthetic, light, airy, & simple. Just like summer.

For the watch photos, we tried to capture them at the moment along with some product-style photos, since these are for their Amazon storefront. The same process/mindset was taken when shooting the brand's slippers.

I hope you enjoy these photos. Click on them to view Full Screen!

Oh, the summer night, has a smile of light, and she sits on a sapphire throne.

--Bryan Procter

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