April 18, 2023

Client Gallery: Recent Product Photography

Client Gallery

Client Gallery: Recent Product Photography

Entry No. 51

How's the weather in your backyard? As things thaw around here, there have been some work opportunities to create lifestyle images for a few brands.

Con-Crēt Patented Creatine HCI is the first brand to seek lifestyle product photography.

Currex Insoles, for their Hockey insole line, is the second brand seeking freelance lifestyle content.

Both brands have colorful packaging, which is great for photography as well as concept execution. Pro-tip, when doing product photography, always work with colors that either match the brand & the brand packaging or complement the brand's colors.

Below, I am sharing galleries of the product photography created for both brands.

If you're creative or brand-seeking lifestyle photography, please get in touch with me here.

freelance photographer in Ohio
men's hockey ice skates

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