May 23, 2022

Product Photography: Magic Spoon

Product Photography

Product Photography: Magic Spoon

Entry No. 32

In a spoonful, Magic Spoon, is the cereal you slurped up as a kid minus the added sugar. Magic Spoon is high protein, low carb & advertised as a healthy-keto-friendly cereal.

If you're a blog reader on my blog, The Yellow Spectacles, you know I am health conscious & appreciate finding healthy alternatives to add for a bit of fun & flavor in my day to day.

However, focusing on photography, I was super drawn to the Magic Spoon cereal boxes when I was sent a PR box to un-box.

I thought it would be the ideal opportunity for me to do some product photography, just for fun, to offer you some inspiration as well as show off the brand's colorful branding.

For these photos, I wanted the props to be simple yet compliment the cereal's boxes.

I like the way the blue backdrop makes the pink and yellow Magic Spoon cereal boxes POP!

When it came to editing, I kept the edits simple to show off the boxes' true colors.

There wasn't a tone of natural light on this day, so my ISO was boosted and shutter speed was lower than I liked, but the images below turned out well-enough.

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Wassily Kandinsky

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul."

Magic Spoon

product photography with cereal

Product Photography

Lilly Pulitzer

"I am a believer that color affects people's moods."

Fruity Magic Spoon

Product Photography with Cereal

Magic Spoon