September 21, 2021

Casual Accessory Shoot

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Casual Accessory Shoot

Entry No. 16

Early August, I got together with my model, Jenna to capture some fashion photos as well as outfit details featuring her cute white cowboy boots to dainty gold necklaces.

As a typical August day would have it, it was hot, mid-afternoon, high sun, and did I mention hot? While shooting in direct sunlight isn't my favorite time of day to shoot, Jenna and I made the best of it. The outcome is the photos you'll see below, but we were able to find some slightly shady spots.

Behind the Shoot Details

When going on planned shoots like this, I prepped my model with a color palette I had in mind. For this, I knew I wanted a feminine yet minimalistic photography vibe. Since the necklaces were strikingly simple, the best way to show that off was to use clothing as the first prop to highlight that.

Jenna wore a long flowing Calvin Klien off-white dress, with white cowboy boots. We used additional props such as flowers as well as high fashion magazines to further highlight that soft minimal look we were going for.

Prior to the photoshoot, I also got with the model to discuss the hair & makeup. Again, I wanted the gold necklaces to really pop, so, simple hair and makeup made sense.

As for the location, we sought a bit of shade from the sun, in a park. We found a shabby little white barn & later, a white truck to play with our photoshoot's conception theme--simple & sleek.

The necklaces are from Tini Lux. Tini Lux is a fashion accessory brand that makes hypoallergenic jewelry for sensitive skin.

Whenever a client hires me to do a photo shoot, they can expert these types of details, discussions, and planning to go on behind their final images.

I take pride in attention to detail as I want to show off whatever the client is selling/featuring whether it's a product or a person seeking portraits--I want that to be the first thing that the eye catches when they look at my photos.

As for the bright photography conditions, I am sure, a few months from now, when it's cold, snowy, and yeah, cold, I will be wishing for a day like today.

Enjoy the photos, until next time. XO, Katelyn.

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“But tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun.” The Beetles

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