December 5, 2023

Rebranding My Photography & Client Options

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ReBranding Katelyn Chef {.com}

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Rebranding My Lifestyle Photography & Writing Business

It has been a while since I posted or updated my online portfolio. Laziness is far from the reason. Truly, I know it is time for a change, time to rebrand my freelance writing & product photography to suit better the clientele I wish to work with.

I am Rebranding my lifestyle photography & lifestyle writing freelance business to suit better the needs of small businesses & creatives seeking evergreen product photography, lifestyle photography, & writing. 

What Can Potential Clients Expect From My ReBrand?

  • Evergreen Stylized Product Photography: When my rebrand is complete &, launch my new website, clients will have better visuals of how I shoot, style, & edit stylized product shots. Why is this important? Having examples of my product photography can help you-the potential clients envision your products in my photos.
  • Evergreen Writing Samples: Not only do I work as a freelance lifestyle photographer, but I also offer clients my freelance lifestyle writing services. Clients seeking written copy for blogs, social media, & websites will see my writing examples & price sheet.
  • More Instagram Reels: I love still images, but social media marketing also calls for short-form video content. I will be posting more Instagram Reels {@katelynchefphotography_} to show my product photography & examples that I can create short-form social media videos for new clients.
  • Simplified Process: In my Rebrand, I have discovered that I want {& crave} simplicity. Photography can be overcomplicated by an assortment of lenses, lights, fancy setups, & overediting. Not only am I simplifying my portfolio's navigation, but I am also simplifying my entire photography process. The results will be clean, consistent, & evergreen content in the form of writing, photography, & short-form social media videos.

Services I Will Offer as a Freelance Lifestyle Photographer & Writer

  1. Stylized Product Photography
  2. Lifestyle Photography
  3. Lifestyle/Content Writing

Watch the REEL to these Photos Here!

Additional ReBranding Notes

I am writing this post as a note to followers, myself, & clients, as a Rebrand isn't easy nor does it happen overnight. I have started sharing some of my ideas written above on social media, follow me there, but am working on all of the backend & photos still. It's not always about the result, but the journey. I am doing this myself & I am learning a lot throughout the process.


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ReBranding My Lifestyle Content Creation Business

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