How to Photograph a Basic Product To Look Interesting

March 18, 2024 Freelance Product Photography, Product Photography

How to Photograph a Basic Product To Look Interesting 

When it comes to product photography, not all products are made {or look} equal. Sometimes you get blessed with a beautiful bottle to photograph. Other times, your product is just basic-it's simple.

And that is okay! There is beauty in simplicity. When photographing a 'basic/simple' product like a Tynelo bottle there is room to get creative. Below, I want to showcase how I would shoot a simple product for a client. In addition, I want to share tips on how to level up your skills when shooting products like this.

Tips to How to Photograph a Basic Product To Look Interesting 

  • Interesting Lighting. When shooting a simple product do you want even soft lighting or a shadowy lighting scene? In my experience, uneven, shadowy lighting makes for more interesting photos. It's totally up to your tastes, but dynamic lighting makes the product look more editorial & elevated.
  • Good Props. I said it before, I like to keep it simple. However, when working with a simple product, the props you bring into the scene can level up your photos. Try props that help tell a story & work with the brand's colors. I use bad mitten props with the Tylenol as one may need some after playing. The red tips of the birdie also match the product's colors.
  • Shoot Through Something. Get creative, place plants, objects, & light crystals, in front of your camera lens & shoot through those objects. I shot through the racket in one photo.
  • Mix-up Camera Positions. Shooting from up high, at a 45-degree angle, down low, or flat lays can add a variety to your portfolio of images.

If you're a photographer, I hope you found these basic product photography tips to be useful.

If you're a brand, & like what you see, I would love to be in touch.

Basic product photography tips