September 12, 2023

Barbie Took These Photos: End-of Summer-Barbie Nostalgia

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Barbie Took These Photos: End-of Summer-Barbie Nostalgia 

Entry No. 57

I know. I know. Barbie, she's having a moment. However, if I may back-it-up a Barbie Pink minute, photographing my Barbies isn't anything new.

In fact, the vintage Barbie in the iconic black & white stripe swimsuit has been on my portfolio's headers for over four years. So there.

Anyways, photographing Barbie has a deeper meaning than my already existing love for the plastic female powerhouse.

When I was still little, Mattel had their 'My Scene' Barbie collection & made a Lindsay Lohan doll. I had my Lindsay Barbie & a little family of other redhead Barbies. My grandpa came over & took a picture of my makeshift redhead Barbie family all lined up with his point-and-shoot Kodak camera.

That always stuck in my head--it was so simple, but made such a memory--I still think about it & hope one day the picture will resurface.

So, my love for photographing Barbie runs deep. Photographing Barbie has also lent itself to great photography practice. I really don't care if I look silly in a public setting photographing a Barbie doll--she's such an icon that it feels little like an honor to take her picture. Ha Ha.

For this shoot, I turned the tables & let Barbie 'take the photos' with her pink plastic Barbie camera. Truthfully, I think Barbie has a really good eye for photography-she mainly took some self-portraits, a few of her dog, Snowball, & some of her boo, Ken.

Barbie shot these nostalgic summer photos at a beach in Presque Isle, Erie, PA.

I hope you enjoy Barbie's candid photos, she has real potential.

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Barbie in Red Vintage Stripe Swimsuit

Beach Barbie

Lake Erie, PA

Presque Isle

Barbie Took These Photos

Retro Ken Doll
Beach Chair for Barbie Doll
Vintage Barbie Dog, Snowball
Pink Barbie Camera
Ken Doll photos

Modern-Day-Retro Ken Doll

Vintage Barbie Photos

Barbie on the Great Lake

Barbie Photography

Barbie on the beach

Snowball, Barbie's Dog