August 1, 2023

Start Your Engines...Salem Super Cruise

Street Photography

VROOM! Salem Super Cruise


I always know summer is nearby when I hear the roar of car engines as they weave & rally their way down through downtown Salem, Ohio. In other words, the Salem Super Cruise happens every year at the start of June.

It is a weekend packed with classic cars & colorful characters, making the outing a perfect storm of car, street, & Americana-style photography.

June 2023 Super Cruise, I took my Sony a6400 with the Sony 24-105mm f/4.

You can see my 2022 Salem Super Cruise photos here.

While car photography isn't your glossy magazine style of photos, the art & creativity of incorporating the vrooming streets, interesting people, & essence of summer is what makes this car show so much fun--& different from any other classic car show.

Most of these cars at the Salem Super Cruise aren't here to sit & look pretty--they're here to get a bit rowdy & roar their engines. I saw a shirt, real cars don't shift themselves.

Below, enjoy these summer-vibe photos of the Salem Super Cruise.

Start your engines...

Vintage car with flames

Salem Super Cruise

White vintage Ford Pick-Up

White Vintage Ford Pick-Up

Green Flames on white ford truck

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Salem Super Cruise

Real cars don't shift themselves.

Ford Vintage Bronco


Salem, ohio

Salem, Ohio

Salem Quakers

Salem Quakers

Cool Sunglasses

Summer Car Photos

Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle Gang =)

Vintage Bel Air

Salem Super Cruise

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Cool Motorcycle

Salem Super Cruise