May 2, 2023

Photographing Umbrella Alley

Street Photography

Photographing Umbrella Alley

Who can take the rainbow?
(Who can take the rainbow?)
Wrap it in a sigh
(Wrap it in a sigh)
Soak it in the sun and make a groovy lemon pie--Sammy Davis Jr, 'The Candy Man'

Entry No. 52

East Liverpool, Ohio, a small town with not much going on there, has one bright spot if you look up. Look up toward the sky, you'll be in for a feast of color & a bit of wonder with their installation of Umbrella Alley.

The Umbrella Alley was created by the East Liverpool-Calcutta Garden Club.

If you live close to or near an Umbrella Alley of your very own, it makes for great street photography as an umbrella suspended mid-air over a charming alleyway that has bistro tables & chairs makes for a picturesque spot as well as a charming place to sip a cup of coffee.

Photographing East Liverpool's Umbrella Alley works well to have a wide-angle prime lens on your camera. I used the Yongnuo 16mm f/1.8 {20mm equivilant} prime lens for crop-sensor Sony cameras. The images were beautiful & the lens color rendition is so spot-on as well as vibrant.

This is the second Yongnuo lens that I own, the first, you can read here. I love them both!

The wide-angle lens also helped capture the alley in a way that the viewer could see the entire alley in all of its grandeur.

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Yongnuo Lenses

East Liverpool, Ohio

East Liverpool, Umbrella Alley

Umbrella Alley, East Liverpool, Ohio
Umbrella Alley, East Liverpool, Ohio
Yongnuo 16mm Lens
Umbrella Alley, East Liverpool, Ohio
Katelyn Chef, Photographer
Umbrella Alley, East Liverpool, Ohio