October 4, 2021

Tips to Inspire Your Photography

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Tips to Inspire Your Photography

Entry No. 17

The pandemic had so many negative effects, but one positive effect it did have {on me} was allowing me to slow down & really learn more about photography as well as improve as a photographer. 

During this time, I went from shooting on Intelligent Auto Camera Mode to Aperture Priority to {only} Manual Mode. During this time, I went from shooting on a crop sensor camera {Sony Alpha a6000} to a full-frame camera {Sony a7rii}. 

Any creative can expect ruts, but there are a few methods/tips I have been employing to keep photography {for me} fresh & exciting. 

Below, I am sharing my tips to inspiring your photography 

  1. Youtube: Youtube is an amazing platform to learn whatever you want, especially photography. Here, I have taken so much inspiration from filmmakers who are also photographers watching their behind-the-scenes videos, how they shoot/edit/what gear they use, & so on. A few of my favorite Youtube photography creators to watch are Mitch LallyTK NorthMango StreetJasson Lallo, & Julia Trotti-to name a few! 
  2. Switch Up Your Gear: To clarify, this doesn't mean go purchase a new camera body, unless you are already saving for that. But buying or renting a new lens can really change the way you look at the world to photograph it. 
  3. Switch Your Medium: While I primarily shoot on a Sony camera body, I also enjoy using my GoPro Hero9 as well as disposable cameras. Switching your camera medium gives you a different way of thinking about how you photograph. This can also be implied by shooting with your phone's camera from time to time. 
  4. Take a Break: Sometimes, not picking up your camera for an extended time, really fuels the creative fire for once you do. Breaks are good for the creative soul, not just your mind. 
  5. Switch Your Subjects: If you're primarily a portrait photographer, maybe try something different like photographing horses or vintage cars. I have taken a personal interest in photographing cars. Cars have so much of a story to tell through photography--all of the details & history--that finding a new subject to capture has really been a big inspiration to me!

Another tip to inspiring your photography is to take photos for just yourself. A lot of the time, we get caught up in taking photos for social media, feeding the always-hungry beast.  

I find myself not liking photos that I otherwise loved after posting for whatever reasons. Sometimes, snapping pictures that are just for you or would look amazing framed are the best kinds of images to photograph. 

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Tips to inspiring your photography

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Inspire your photography

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changing your photography medium can offer new inspiration