June 21, 2022

Client Gallery: LuminAID Tips to Packing Purposefully

Client Gallery

Client Gallery: LuminAID Tips to Packing Purposefully

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Heading out for your summer adventures? Whether you're beach-bound or somewhere scenic in the mountains to causing through a desert, packing for a trip is always the first step to having a successful adventure. Today, being the first day of Summer Solstice, let me be the first to say welcome to summertime & shine a light on summer activities.

In combination sharing a recent client gallery with the Solar Lantern brand, LuminAID, I thought it would be beneficial for travelers to pick up a few packing tips.

Inspired by LuminAID's ability to collapse {& then inflate when needed} I wanted to share a few quick light packing tips for you to take advantage of.

Tips for packing purposefully for summer travel:

  • Two-For One: If you can pack products that multi functions for your travels, you're bound to save space. For example, LuminAID's solar lanterns are a lantern, but they can also double as a phone charger which is nice for outdoor activities as well as any unforeseen emergencies.
  • Roll Don't Fold: You can save space in your luggage if you roll all of your clothes, coasts, etc., instead of folding clothes.
  • Pack Inside Your Soles: Implementing your shoes as packing cubes can save on room too. Whether you pack your intimates inside your shoes, accessories, or charging cables, you can save room inside your luggage too.
  • Packing Cubes: For everything you can't fit inside your shoes { = ) }, packing cubes can act as compressed space savers inside your luggage.

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Tips to Packing Light

LuminAID Solar Lantern


Katelyn captured our products beautifully! Great communication and seamless delivery of photos. We're excited to add these assets to our content library for use in marketing materials!

Portable Solar Lanterns
Portable Solar Lanterns
Greek Bust Head
Summer travel packing tips
Portable Solar Lanterns
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Portable Solar Lanterns
summer travel packing tips