June 1, 2021

Client Gallery: ZENNI OPTICAL

Client Gallery

Client Gallery: Zenni Optical

Entry No. 8

Hey, everyone. Popping back in with another client gallery sharing a glimpse at some (freelance) brand photography for Zenni Optical.

Here, you can get an idea of my editing style as well as the underlying tone of this visual story. These photos were shot on a cold March day as spring was nothing but a sleeping dream under the earth's frozen terrain.

whenever I shoot for a brand & I am in the photos, I try to maintain a color palette throughout the shoot. As you can tell here, the colors are pastel purples as well as blues. I was lucky enough to find a complimenting neon green kayak docked on the shore to add a bit of 'color-pop for some of the photos' background.

Since this was for an eyeglass company, many of the brand photos are up-close shots. I had an array of eyeglasses as well as sunglasses to photograph for the brand.

If you are a brand or individual seeking freelance photography services, I would love to connect & chat.

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Created for Zenni Optical