January 9, 2024

Finley's Puppy Year, A Year in Photos

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Finley's Puppy Year, A Year in Photos 

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Finley's Puppy Year, A Year in Photos 

However, I cannot miss Finley's one-year milestone of living in my home. For the past year, I have been documenting his upbringing in photos.

Yes, I will continue to photograph Finley as he grows up, but it is wild to look back at how small {& hairy} he was when we first brought him home. Puppy {& dog photography} I feel bonds you with your dog & grows your photography skills.

I made it a point to photograph Finny every month as he inched closer to being one. Of course, it was a challenge at first, but now Finley loves the camera & can be a real ham at times.

Plus, he doesn't mind getting his hair brushed--you'll see the transformation & the photos tick down to current days...

Practice Photography By Photographing Your Pets

If you are looking to grow {or practice} your photography skills & have a pet, I encourage you to take a challenge like this, to set aside time every/month to work with your pet, take photos, edit, & see how you both grew throughout the photography challenge.

Of course, I am not sharing all of Finley's first photos, but a few so you can get the picture, Finley's Puppy Year, A Year in Photos.

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On Owning a Little Dog...

“My little dog — a heartbeat at my feet.” – Edith Wharton (novelist)

Documenting your puppy's first year in photos

Finley's Puppy Year in Photos