March 1, 2023

Gear Guide: My Film Camera{s}

Gear Guide

Gear Guide: my Film camera{s}

Entry No. 49

With anything in life, I always feel that it is important to try new things. Isay this as I do have to remind myself of this as I a be hesitant to try new experiences. However, venturing outside one's comfort zone can bring new hobbies, passions, as well as memories.

In my daily photography practices, I shoot digitally while at times, editing a little toward the film end of the spectrum. I have always liked film photography, particularly, other film photography. Playing around with some disposable film cameras, I thought it would be fun to invest in an actual film camera, that is easy to use, a point & shoot film camera.

After being taken from a bad Etsy Seller {who sold me a broken camera}, I ended up buying two film cameras that actually work. These 35mm film cameras are a Kodak Easy Load 35 & a Leica Z2X.

While I enjoyed the film process, it is more costly than digital photography & in many cases, for my own work, I prefer using my digital cameras.

However, I will be using these cameras to document any trips, seasonal adventures, or just unique photos that I think would look good on film.

From playing around with different rolls, mostly Fuji Film rolls, I really like some of the black & white film photos I took which leads me to the idea of wanting to pursue black and white film photos with these two cameras.

Going forward, for the film photos I wish to pursue, I will share those on my lifestyle blog, The Yellow Spectacles as well as my IG @Katelynchef since they're more 'candid' representations of my life.

Below, I have a gallery sharing some of my film photos on both of these cameras; Kodak Easy Load & Leica Z2X.

Are you into film photography?

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Leica Z2X

The top film photos were taken on a Leica Z2X.

Kodak Film Camera

The second set of film photos was taken on a Kodak Easy Load 35 film camera.


little disco ball

My Film Cameras

Vintage Barbie Dolls

Leica Z2X