September 7, 2022

Gear Guide : Long Weekend Sedona Sacoche Crossbody Bag Review

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Gear Guide: Long Weekend Sedona Sacoche Crossbody Bag Review

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Photographers, you know the drill. After you finally settled into your camera system--maybe you're a Sony camera-only guy? Or possible, you're a Leica Lady shooting on a Leica SL2? Either way, once you've settled into your camera system, the quest for a camera bag is ongoing.

Of course, you're going to need a camera bag for long days, bigger gear. In this case, the Moment Long Weekend Sedona Sacohe Crossbody bag isn't what you're looking for.

However, for the casual photography days, maybe you're bringing your pocket point-and-shoot film camera or a small Leica D' Lux camera set-up, then this little camera crossbody bag may be for you.

While I mainly use my Sony camera{s} I recently picked up a Leica X1, like-new & needed a small, stylish, yet practical bag to tote it around. You know, for the days when I am not hauling around my Sony.

In the past, I would use those tiny Champion Nylonl-like bags or /man-purse set up. However, when I stumbled across the Long Weekend Sedona Sachoche Crossbody in the color 'cream-muti' I figured, I was on to something good.

Why I like this Small Camera Bag

I like this small camera bag for many reasons. For one, the ag is light-weight as well as wipe-able & feels like it would repel water if I was in a drizzle. The Sachoche is made from 500d recycled Nylon & has this cool adjustable strap that is kind of giving me 90s feelings. Nope, not mad about it.

The inside is roomy enough for a small point-and-shoot camera along with maybe an extra memory card, extra camera battery, & lens cloth. The outside pocket is pretty roomy as well as stretchy.

Film shooters can keep extra film rolls here or if you're like me, a mask, business cards, & bubble gum.

I like the fact that this crossbody doesn't scream 'there is a camera in here it can be a travel bag as far as non-camera buffs are concerned. So I feel pretty safe with it strung across the front of my body, able to easily pull out my camera when needed.

Possible Cons About this Crossbody

There aren't many. However, it is pretty much intended to hold only one small camera. I tried to fit both my Leica X1 as well as a small Leica point-and-shoot & it didn't fit. Another thing I did notice was that the back of the bag seems to pick up lint really easily like my sweater rubbed off pretty hard the first time I used it. However, it wiped off pretty easily.

All in all, I love the days when I get to carry this bag as my casual camera setup. Whether you go for the colorful Sedona Sacoche bag or the black option you'll be stylish & your gear will be well-suited for the day.

What more can we ask for?

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Long Weekend Sedona Sacoche Crossbody Bag

Long Weekend Sedona Sacoche Crossbody Bag Review

Long Weekend Sedona Sacoche Crossbody Bag Review