October 11, 2022

Gear Guide: Yongnuo 16mm f/1.8 Sony Lens

Gear Guide: Yongnuo Sony 16mm f/1.8 Lens 

Entry No. 43

Sharp. Quick. Snappy. All of these adjectives I would use to describe the Yongnuo Sony 16mm f/1.8 Lens. Thus far, it has been a joy to shoot with as it has been mounted to my {newly} acquired Sony a6400 camera body as this lens is meant for crop-sensor cameras.

Yongnuo, who sent me this lens to review, also makes this lens for the Nikon Z crop-sensor camera bodies.

Who is this lens for?

The Yongnuo Sony 16mm f/1.8 lens {20mm equivalent}is a wide-angle APSC camera lens. If you are someone who loves street photography, candid snapshots, scenic landscapes, or loves to get up close to subjects, this run & gun lens is a beast.

The Photos

Starting photography, I always {tried} to shoot wide open. If that is something you love to do, you'll appreciate the wide F-Stop of f/1.8. However, my photography style has evolved & I love stopping down to smaller F-Stops of f/4 & even f/8 in some cases. Most of the photos here were shot in very bright conditions, so, it made sense to shoot with a narrow stop. No-matter, the photos are very sharp at f/2.8 & f/4. Bokeh balls at wide open are bright & satisfying.

The colors, after an edit, are extortionary. The images are crisp & vibrant with little to moderate natural edits in Lightroom. You have to manually apply the lens corrections in Lightroom, which isn't a big deal.

The macro capabilities are lovely too, with a minimum focusing distance of 0.17m. I love having a lens that can shoot wide but get in tight for close-up photos.

The Lens Construction

I would say this is a very light & compact lens. The Yongnuo Sony 16mm f/1.8 lens weighs 310 grams & is the lens you always have on your camera body or always in your bag. The lens has custom function buttons with metal & weather-resistant construction. Holding the lens in the palm of your hand, the lens has a good solid feel to it. The lens comes with a lens hood {greatly appreciated!}

The Yongnuo Sony 16mm lens has a 58m filter thread. I added a Hoya UV filter to protect the glass.

The lens is listed on B&H Photo for $288.00.

Final Thoughts

This is my second Yonguo camera lens. I own the 35mm Full Frame lens for Sony Alpha Cameras. Both lenses are sticky with the auto-eye focus & produce beautiful images. I hope to own the full-frame 50mm lens one day. This brand is my new go-to lens brand of choice.

While I have this lens mounted to my camera to review, post-Journal review, I plan on keeping this lens as my go-to lens for my Sony a6400. The color rendering, as mentioned, is beautiful. I love shooting at the f/1.8 as well as f/4 and even higher. If you are looking for a do-all-pocket size lens, don't overlook the Yongnuo Sony 16mm f/1.8 lens.

Please see my gallery of images using the Yongnuo Sony 16mm f/1.8 lens. If you loved this post, you will love the review of the Full Frame Yongnuo f/2 35mm lens.

For additional photos featuring this wide-angle lens, view here.

For your new lens acquisitions, visit the Yongnuo Amazon Store.

I will continue to share images featuring this lens on my social media feeds @katelynchefphotography_ & @chef_katelyn on Twitter.

Yongnuo YN 16mm f/1.8S DA DSM Lens

pink wall

16mm Lens

Oak Stables, Ohio

Show Horse f/7

Yongnuo YN 16mm f/1.8S DA DSM Lens

@CHEF_KATELYN on Twitter

pirate coin

The 16mm can get as close as 0.17m

Yongnuo Lens

Yongnuo Lens

couple in pumpkin patch

great for candid portraits

fall flowers

the 16mm Yongnuo Lens has unbelievably beautiful color rendering

fall donuts

Fall Donuts