March 31, 2021

Organizing Your Camera Lens

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How-to Organize Your Camera Lenses

Entry No. 4

Face it, when it comes to camera gear, your gear isn't cheap & it's your top priority to keep your gear safe--both on & off your camera body.

We try our best to keep our lenses protected from scratches & the elements when we're shooting out in the field. However, how do you store your lenses when they aren't on your camera?

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I confess this is something I struggle with, probably will struggle with until I can get a gear cage revival to that of Peter Mckinnon's, but need I digress.

Recently, I have created a home for my camera gear, a clear three-tier cart. On this cart, I have used various size 'pantry' organization containers to house all of my {different size} lenses in!

Not only do I keep a lens in each container, but these pantry containers are also great for storing all of your random GOPRO bits & bolts.

These particular containers are from Target & it's their Made by Design label.

Using a label maker, I labeled each container with the lens size so I know where that camera lens goes when it isn't on my camera.

Before organizing my camera lenses inside clear containers, I was keeping them inside the soft carrying pouches. Okay, so they were safe, but I couldn't see the lenses & that's part of the fun of being a photographer--evaluating your gear!

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