February 15, 2021

The Basic Camera Accessory You Need

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The Basic Camera Accessory You Need

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Photographers & creators who shoot with a camera other than their iPhone can agree that the camera strap dagging from either your DSLR or a mirrorless camera always seems to get in the way. This can especially be the case when photographing something from above--the camera strap always makes its way into the image. However, other times, you need your camera strap, but the ease of threading it from both sides of your camera isn't a possibility, let alone easy.

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I was really close to buying the clip-on & clip-off-camera strap from Peak Designs as it's highly recommended by professional & amateur photographers alike. However, I was at Target & saw this strap made Case Logic. This camera strap is more of a sling as opposed to a strap.

I bought it to give it a whirl on my camera {in the photos, it is on an old camera body so I could use my current camera to shoot the content} & I am glad I did!

Essentially, this is an adjustable camera sling. The camera strap/sling has a plush nylon strap that goes across your torso like a crossbody bag. The sling is adjustable, so you can gauge where you'd like your camera to rest at your side when you're not holding it.

The sling attaches to your camera with a universal screw {that threads on the bottom of your camera where your tripod would go}.

So far, I have found this camera strap to be durable, lightweight, easy to wipe clean, & easy to remove & easy to attach to my camera.

In-store, I saw that the Case Logic Quick Cross-Body Strap is around $20.00 BUT online the price is around $10.00!

For $10.00, this is a great camera accessory whether you are looking for an accessible camera strap or wanting a second.

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