January 11, 2022

Favorite UV & Polarizer Camera Filters

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Favorite UV & Polarize Camera Filters

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Any hobbyist or pro photographer can agree that lenses are hella expensive. Much like when I buy a new iPhone, I take great comfort in placing a protective shield on my camera's screen as well as over my camera lens.

When I first started out with photography, I didn't know there was such a thing to place over your camera lens for added protection, glare reduction as well as control of how much light enters the lens. In other words, UV Filters & Polarizers. With photography, I use these two types of lens filters all of the time.

Always, when I buy a new lens, a UV filter goes onto the lens & when I am doing any type of automotive photography or photography where I want to cut back on glare, I overlay a Polarizer on top.

UV Filters

A UV filter eliminates the amount of UV Rays on your lens' glass. However, a UV filter always acts as a camera screen shield would for your phone as it helps keep dust off the lens as well as limits scratches & cracks. Kinda like a little extra insurance for your lens.

Polarize Filters

A Polarize filter can give your photos an extra pop of saturation, especially with nature photography. Polarized filters can cut through the haze as well as reduce glare & unwanted reflections in your images.

Each of these camera filter varieties can make your photos sharper, clearer, & more professional. That is if you have a good filter on your glass. I have bought a few camera filters that weren't on par. In fact, they made my images look less-than-sharp as well as less-than-clear.

Depending on your lens' filter diameter, they come in a variety of sizes {ex ø49} they can be pretty expensive. If you think about it as this filter is the final thing between your subject & your lens, why would you want to bargain hunt on the overall quality of your images?

After trial & error as well as asking photography professionals both a Moment & Best Buy. I have come to rely on purchasing two types of UV & Polarize Filters.

Hoya Filters

Definitely up there in price, but Hoya camera filters haven't let me down yet. I own both their UV filters as well as Polarizer filters.

Urth Filters

I discovered Urth from Moment but recently saw they're on Amazon too. I own their Polarizer for my Sony Tamron 35mm lens & am planning on buying their 62 mm combo pack for a Tamron Canon Zoom lens. I love the brand's sustainable mission {one filter, five trees planted} & the glass filter quality.

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Urth Polarize Filter
Polarize Camera Filter
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Tamron Sony 35mm Lens

Hoya UV Lens Filter

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