June 7, 2022

Why I Love Diffusion Filters For Photography

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Why I Love Diffusion Filters For Photography

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As I continue to develop my photographic style, I have been drawn to making my images look dreamy, whimsical, film-like, as well as remain true to life.

Let's face it, there are some many people pursuing photography, that it is hard to stand out. More so than ever before, I have been using Diffusion Filters on my lens to bloom light, create a soft, film-like image. My favorite diffusion filters are from Moment, their CineBloom Diffusion Filters in strengths of 5%, 10%, & 20%.

The Bouquet Box flowers in this post were shot on a Sony FE40mm f/2.5 G Lens & I used the Moment CineBloom 20% Diffusion Filter to create an ultra dreamy glow-photo effect.

Moment shares exactly what a Diffusion filter is & how it affects your images. On their websitem, they state,

"A diffusion filter is often used to create a glowy haze spreading out the light across the etched filter surface, while still maintaining crisp contrast and sharpness. It’s the effect of bending a percentage of image-forming light from its original origin to defocus. The filter’s tiny pattern of haze will also help alter the bokeh to a more creamy state. "

While the filter softens everything, including skin, eyes still remain sharp.

Another filter I sometimes use is the Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4 filter. More than the 1/4 Black Pro Mist Filter is pretty strong. This softens digital sharpness, decreases highlights, & reduces the contrast slightly. The higher the filter number, the bigger the light bloom.

I find that the Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filters make my images 'warmer' & the Black Pro Mist 1/4 give my photos a soft pastel effect. I like both & their are certain times of the day, like Golden hour where the filters create a beautiful effect.

If you're interested in more of the images above, you can visit them in this gallery under my Brand Tab. Bouquet Box is a flower arrangement home delivery service where they design the arrangement & you arrange the bouquet at home!

For more on lens filters, see recent post whee I share my favorite brand CPL filters.

I post regularly on Instagram @katelynchefphotography_ were you can see more images.

CineBloom Diffusion Filter (10% Density)

CineBloom Diffusion Filter (10% Density)

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